About Us



The City of Harper Woods was incorporated as a City on February 19, 1951.


Mission Statement

Management's Mission Statement:

We firmly believe in Philosopher John Locke's Social Contract Theory that-

"Government exists for the benefit of the governed not those governing."

That is...

"The City of Harper Woods exists not to serve those who are employed here, but for the residents who have placed us here to serve."

We Believe...

The City's business is service to our community.

  • That our service to the community should be helpful, caring and responsive. 
  • That the success of the City organization is dependent on teamwork, mutual respect and commitment to the following values:

  1. Participation by all segments of the community.
  2. Effective Communication within and among our constituents.
  3. Integrity in everything we do.
  4. Innovation in meeting the present and future needs of the City.
  5. Accountability to our elected officials and the Trust our citizens have places in them.
  6. Responsibility for the services entrusted to us.
  7. Pride in what we do, always striving to serve in the best interest of the community as a whole.


Harper Woods Information

  • The population as of the 2010 census is 14,236.

  • It has an area of 2.63 square miles, and is located in the southeast Michigan bordering the cities of Detroit, Eastpointe, St. Clair Shores and Grosse Pointe Woods.

  • The City has a City Council/City Manager form of government. There are seven people who sit on City Council including the Mayor. The Mayor is elected to a two year term, and the Council members are elected to staggering four year terms.

  • The City has approximately 6,504 dwellings.

  • There are twelve city departments.

  1. City Clerks Office
  2. City Manager
  3. Assessing
  4. Building
  5. Community Development
  6. Finance
  7. Library
  8. Parks and Recreation
  9. Public Safety
  10. Public Works
  11. Treasurer
  12. 32A District Court

Contact Leslie Frank, City Clerk at lfrank@harperwoods.net
                 for comments/questions.